It’s time.

All of your commitments, now in one place. Meet the beautifully designed, fully integrated calendar for your work and life.

Time management, simplified.

See your schedule at a glance

Join meetings directly from the menu bar so you can stay focused on the work that matters.

Built-in scheduling

Send your availability and scheduling link to let others book time with you. No separate app.

Work across time zones

Thoughtfully collaborate with global teams as you visualize your day across time zones.

Modern design

Use command menu and shortcuts for efficient workflows.

Available in 12 languages

Supports English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, and Swedish… with more on the way!

Fully integrated with your Notion workspace.

Manage your time and work, together.

See deadlines and project timelines alongside your calendar events so you know where to focus your efforts.

Connect and create Notion docs

With info from Notion right in your calendar, you’ll always have full context for every meeting.

Update project timelines

Just drag and drop to edit Notion database items without leaving your calendar.

Work and life, playing nice.

See all your commitments in the same place

No more accidental conflicts between work and personal events.

Connect multiple calendars

Easily sync work and personal calendars.

No more double bookings

Auto-block busy slots across all your calendars.

Easy-to-use mobile app

View your schedule at a glance and add events quickly with iOS widgets.

Designed to work with your favorite tools.


Bring in important dates across workspaces into one calendar.

Google Calendar

Connect Google Calendar with your existing Notion workspace.

Google Meet

Available by default with Google Calendar.


Create new Zoom meetings directly in Notion Calendar.


See your schedule & join meetings directly from Arc’s sidebar.

Other providers

Add a custom link from other popular conferencing services.

Get Notion Calendar for free.

Unlock a better way to manage your time and life.

Desktop App

Desktop App
Questions & answers

Which calendar provider(s) is Notion Calendar compatible with?

Currently, Notion Calendar integrates and syncs with Google Calendar accounts. Adding support for other calendar providers such as Outlook and iCloud is on our roadmap.

Is Notion Calendar available on mobile devices?

Yes, Notion Calendar is available on iOS. We know that many of our users are on an Android device and are working hard to bring Notion Calendar onto the Android platform.

Does Notion Calendar bring Google Calendar sync to Notion?

Notion Calendar allows you to view your Notion database items alongside your Google Calendar events. This offers a streamlined way to see project timelines and task due dates alongside other scheduled events. However, importing Google Calendar events directly into a Notion database is not yet possible. We’re always exploring new ways for Notion and calendars to interact. Expect exciting developments soon!

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