Notion 2.37: Notion Calendar

Manage time and tasks together

Sync Notion databases to view and update your deadlines and timelines alongside your calendar events.

Connect and create Notion docs

No more meetings without context or a place to take notes.

Work and personal events in one place

Connect multiple Google accounts to manage all your events in one place and avoid conflicts.

A built-in scheduling tool

No need for a separate scheduling tool. Share your availability and allow others to book time.

Other great Notion Calendar features:

  1. Apps for desktop, web, and mobile.

  2. Download the desktop app to see your schedule, join meetings, and open attachments all from your computer’s menu bar.

  3. View your schedule across multiple time zones.

  4. Use command menu and shortcuts to work faster.

  5. Integrate with Zoom, Google Meet, and other providers.

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