Notion 2.39: Improving the basics

Simplified sidebar

Sidebar is the most used surface area in Notion. We’ve cleaned it up and added a “new page” button that’s easier to reach. Small refinements matter :-)

Simple sidebar

A lighter new page experience

To accompany the sidebar change, we also improved the look and feel of an empty page so it feels lighter to capture your new idea.

Lighter new page

Customize sidebar sections

You can now reorder your sidebar sections (e.g. Favorites, Private, Teamspaces) to match your navigational habits. Hopefully this saves you a few minutes each day.

Customize sidebar

Import PDFs and Google Docs (finally)

We heard your requests for better importing and have built new importers for PDFs and Google Docs. It’s not easy to nail PDF importing, so please send us feedback via in-app support. It’ll help our engineers improve the quality for everyone. Appreciate it!

New pdf importer

Quicker access to AI on your phone

We launched AI Q&A in beta a couple months ago and many of you loved it: ”I can ask Notion any question about all my content!”. So we made it easy to access AI Q&A on the go. It’s rolling out gradually, so thanks in advance for your patience.

AI on phone

Automate notifications for projects

Better notifications for project workflows is a common request we get. Now, an automation can send a Notion notification that keeps your teammates looped in when a project is done, a new task is added, or something else changes.

Automate notification in Notion

Crop images in Notion

A popular request — so we built it. Now you can do simple image cropping right within Notion.

Penguins being cropped

More improvements & fixes

  • We also refined the database creation flow and UI. For example, the Filter and Sort options are also now icons instead of text, to reduce clutter.

  • We also improved comment threads by simplifying the UI and adding the ability to filter comments by person or status.

  • You can now see GitHub PR activity in page comments, link GitHub PRs to tasks using magic keywords, and use a new Slack shortcut to create a task in Notion. Try it →

  • Users with Can view access can now request Can edit access from the share menu.

  • Three new formula functions (Mean, Median, and Today)!

  • Pressing enter in a Code block keeps the same indent on the next line.

  • The desktop app now lets you drag tabs to reorder them and automatically reopens your last session's pages. Download the latest version here →

  • Last but not least, our engineers have fixed various issues causing unexpected logouts. Active accounts now stay logged in.

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